Year-round destination to unplug and enjoy.



Sneak out to the terrace with a cup of coffee while others are still sleeping. Be mesmerized by the silence and a smell of Wild cherry blossom. Be amused by watching squirrels cracking on nuts. Take a break from work to experience moody spring storms. Spend an afternoon going through wilderness on electric bike. Indulge in daydreaming while watching clouds float above the horizon. Prepare your camera to catch the magic of sunset. Put some jazz music on, light the candles and enjoy dinner next to a fireplace.


Start a day soaking up the sun while going through your morning yoga routine. Allow yourself to be delighted by the richness of emerald summer forest and vibrancy of wildflowers. Spend some lazy time in a hammock while cool summer breeze brings a smell of herbs, trees and flowers. Enjoy the sound of birds chirping and water flowing in a nearby brook. Pick some Barriers on your way back from an exciting day of horseback riding. Treat yourself to a cup of tea before evening BBQ and time by a fire pit.


Feel the smell of mist slowly receding as the first rays of sun show up on a fresh morning. Take a break from work and sooth yourself with the view of wonderful autumn foliage. Experience the sound of leaves crunching underneath your foot while wandering through the forest trails that begin just off-property. Relax in sauna after a long hike. Get yourself immersed into birdwatching while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate. Try some new recipes and connect with your friends and family over a good meal made from freshly picked vegetable and herbs. Fall asleep with the sound of winds whistling through the trees.


Be inspired by iconic all white winter scenery and uninterrupted views of rugged mountain peaks. Spend a day outdoors, have fun in snow and an evening playing board games. Listen to distinctive silence of snow falling and the woods cracking in a fireplace. Treat yourself to a glass of wine while gazing at the blissful night sky.