Year-round destination to unplug and enjoy.


silence and a smell of Wild cherry blossom

Sneak out to the terrace with a cup of coffee while others are still sleeping. Be mesmerized by the silence and a smell of Wild cherry blossom. Be amused by watching squirrels cracking on nuts. Take a break from work to experience moody spring storms. Spend an afternoon going through wilderness on electric bike. Indulge in daydreaming while watching clouds float above the horizon. Prepare your camera to catch the magic of sunset. Put some jazz music on, light the candles and enjoy dinner next to a fireplace.


The experience of hiking conveys benefits beyond typical exercise. It is a great way to explore and discover nature but also extremely powerful tool to improver our physical and mental wellbeing. Perfect way to get to know Kopaonik outside of winter months. There are number of trails both easy and more demanding. Just put some comfortable shoes on, download GPS coordinates and head into nature.

Kopaonik has few biking trails, from beginners’ level to those more suitable for experienced mountain bikers. Trails include sections with bridges, jumps and obstacles. In the last few years electric bike is becoming more popular. Since no previous experience is needed, e bike is a great way to discover the mountain and spend fun and active day in nature.

If you want to experience adventure that will last a lifetime and get to see some stunning landscapes, paragliding might be a right choice. Due to its many peaks and good winds, Kopaonik is attractive location for paragliders.

Take your first riding lessons in a peacefulness of Kopaonik National Park. Advanced riders may book a guided tour through groomed trails and get to explore mountain from a different perspective. Perfect activity for kids and adults alike and a great way to spend summer and autumn months.

Observing birds in their natural habitat is a great pastime. You can do it just for fun or keep a life list. Whatever you goal might be you will be pleased by the sights and sounds of these fascinating animals. The best time to observe are spring and autumn mornings. With over 180 bird species Kopaonik is part of IBA. Among other birds expect to encounter: Golden Eagle, Peregrine Falcon, Tawny Owl, Shore Lark, Common Crossbill, Eagle-Owl.
Great fun for kids and adults alike. Good way to boost your adrenaline and spend a memorable afternoon in nature. Among other things you will find floating bridges, zipline and climbing wall.
Experience riding a sledge down the mountain few meters above the ground. Control the speed while cruising through bumps and turns of 600 meters long track. Feel the adrenaline rush while racing 60 km / hour on a downhill rail. The vehicles are designed to carry one or two people. Kids must be accompanied by adults. The rides are smooth, comfortable and safe.
Great way to discover wild beauty of Kopaonik outside of Winter months. You can either rent a quad and explore the mountain on your own or take a guided tour which last between 1h and 3h. Some of the benefits of guided tours include learning about Kopaonik’s historical, geographical and botanical specificities.
One of the most popular Kopaonik’s activities. Experience flying from one hill to the other propelled by your own gravity while enjoying unique views. Kopaonik zipline is 70 meters long which is more then enough for you to feel adrenalin, excitement and joy. Only for those above the age of 12.